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1887-1892 British Gold Sovereign Victoria Jubilee

The Queen Victoria Sovereign gold coin comes with the legendary history of the British Empire. Dating back to a time when the sun never set on the Empire, these sovereign gold coins were minted to press the 64 year reign of the Queen. The Jubilee head design was designed to commemorate the 50th year of Queen Victoria's rule.

$390.35 /ea


British Sovereigns King Edwards

The Gold Sovereigns are one of the most famous gold coins in the world and for apparent reasons. Going back to 1489, the Sovereigns played a crucial commercial role during the heydays of British Empire.

$394.74 /ea


1957-1968 British Gold Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II - BU

Minted from 1957-1968, the Elizabeth II pre-decimal sovereign comes from the British Royal Mint. The sovereigns have always been well recognized because of their historical significance. The Elizabeth II sovereign features the portrayal of the Queen during her accession to the throne.

$389.03 /ea


British Sovereigns King

The British Sovereigns are considered as one the most historically significant coins in the industry. During the late 15th Century, the Sovereigns served as the official form of currency until they were abandoned by the gold standard during World War I. Known for their historic significance and purity, the Sovereigns are ideal for history buffs and coin collectors.

$386.01 /ea


2018 Great Britain Gold Sovereign BU

Known worldwide as a reliable, valuable and beautifully designed coin, the modern Sovereign has over 200 years in circulation. This 2018 Gold Sovereign features the historic Benedetto Pistrucci depiction of St. George and the Dragon.

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2018 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Britannia

Introducing this years 2018 1 oz Gold Britannia. The British symbol of strength and integrity has been the majestic figure of Britannia since Roman ages. This makes it pretty clear why the gold Britannia's are such a popular choice among collectors and investors.

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