We make investing in precious metals trouble-free! Our monthly precious metals box offering is the simplest process in the industry. We have set up significantly simple steps for your convenience. Investing in precious metals has never been this easy. We can improve your investment portfolio by sending you a monthly premium box containing Gold, Silver or Platinum.

STEP 1All you have to do is subscribe! Simply pick from one of our five tiers - Starter, Intermediate, Premiere, Seasoned, or Distinguished. Then choose whether you like to renew monthly or pay for a whole year’s worth of delivery. This is the first step in how to invest in precious metals.

STEP 2:  Let us do all the work! Sit back and relax as our precious metals experts identify and choose only the highest-value and purest-quality products to put in your box. We masterfully curate your box so that you will only receive premium items.

STEP 3: We put your box together and ship. Your box will come with an information card where you can find all the details, history, novelty, and vintage behind every precious metals piece you receive. We make sure you know their value, purity, and story.  We ship product once a month and send you all the tracking information.

Reliable, Convenient, Quality
Wealth Generation

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, we have the best precious metals for diversified investment options for you hand picked to fit your goals. You can rely on our expertise in bringing you safe investments in the form of a bullion box.

Subscribe now to start receiving your very own high-value physical investments box that holds precious metal bullion coins, bars, fractional mintage, rounds, bars, hand-poured items, and more!

Let’s talk about the importance of buying a monthly bullion subscription box consisting of gold coins and precious metals. The market is volatile, and the threat of inflation looms upon you. Your business investments take a lot of hard work, and your stocks and real estate bonds are in the hands of the uncontrollable economic climate.

You can ease your anxieties by putting your money in regular deliveries of precious metals. They are hedges against inflation, and they don’t need any maintenance. You only have to subscribe to the bullion box, and we’ll send you premium Gold, Silver and Platinum – we bring you the treasure of a precious metals subscription box.

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