Buying Platinum or Palladium has never been easier.  Our relationships with the world's largest distributors and mints allow us to offer our clients very competitive pricing on platinum and palladium.  We help our clients understand the value of using platinum and palladium in their portfolio as a great diversification tool.

As you may have heard or read, Platinum is in short supply and high demand—the perfect circumstances for increasing value. The potential for cyclical price swings continues to pique the interest in platinum investments, attracting investors seeking financial opportunities with significant gains.

Platinum Coins and Bullion

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Platinum Bullion Coins

U.S. mints have only been producing platinum bullion coins since the late 1990s. While a relatively new investment option, platinum has retained its value well throughout its history. The American Platinum Eagle is the official platinum bullion coin of the United States, and it’s available in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz varieties.

Popular coins on the international market include the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf and the Australian Platinum Koala. The purity of these minted bullion coins is nearly always .9995 fine platinum.

Platinum Bars and Ingots

Platinum bars are a great way for investors with higher buy-in ranges to invest in precious metals. The increased size and value of bars and ingots are an excellent choice for those who want a larger investment. Platinum bars and ingots come in various sizes, the most common being the 10-ounce platinum bar. 

Palladium Coins and Bullion

palladium coins for sale

Palladium is a soft, silvery-white metal in the platinum family. Palladium’s widespread use as a chemical catalyst and an alloy in fine jewelry has increased its demand and value in recent years. It’s far rarer than gold, and its relative scarcity has pushed it higher up the investment bracket for precious metal enthusiasts.

A popular way of investing in palladium is holding physical assets in palladium bullion. Like platinum, palladium is available in bullion bars, bullion coins, or collectible coins in various sizes. Palladium bars and wafers are another option, but these are less common.

Our Expert Precious Metals Advisors are Ready to Help You

We know you have concerns about the quality and reliability of your investments. Unfortunately, the precious metals market includes some counterfeiting and high dealer markups that can undercut your savings. The only way to protect the value of your precious metals portfolio is to work with a recognized and reputable dealer.

GMRgold isn’t just a vendor of coins and bullion; we’re your trusted partner for all your precious metal investments. No matter your price point, our trained professionals help you select and purchase the best investment option. We use industry-leading tech equipment to efficiently process millions of dollars in transactions each trading day, and can offer immediate personal delivery or arrange convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

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