We are your safe and stable expert investment partner when buying, selling, and trading gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Let us advise you on new products, portfolio diversification, IRA and 401(k) options, valuation of your collection, and other matters related to the precious metals market.

Precious Metals IRA's & 401k'sPrecious Metals IRA's & 401k's

Planning for retirement can be challenging, particularly in times of unstable economic conditions and a volatile stock market. Traditional retirement portfolios consist of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Many clients choose to diversify their retirement portfolios with investments in gold and other precious metals, which can help guard against high inflation and economic uncertainty.


Gold is a precious commodity with an ancient history. As an investment and divesification tool, gold can protect your wealth against inflation and economic uncertainty. We have a wide range of gold investment options that can successfully hedge your risk and add security to your portfolio, from gold coins, bars, and bullion to collectible and commemorative gold.


Silver has been one of the most stable investments in recent years and it's poised to be even more valuable in the future. There has never been a time to get into silver. We offer a wide range of silver products for casual to seasoned investors, including silver bullion, junk silver, and collectible coins.

Pre-Built PortfoliosPre-Built Portfolios

By using decades of experience helping thousands of clients, GMR Gold has put together six pre-built precious metals portfolios for their clients.  GMR Gold's pre-built precious metals portfolios have been designed using client feedback related to budget, appetite for risk, desire for true diversification, and more.

Bullion SubscriptionsBullion Subscriptions

We improve your investment portfolio diversification efforts by sending you a monthly premium box containing Gold, Silver or Platinum. For an outline of our complete offering visit our website at: www.BullionBox.com

Platinum & PalladiumPlatinum & Palladium

Platinum and Palladium are intriguing and valuable metals with many uses. The limited availability and multiple industrial uses make the metals a sought-after investment for new and seasoned buyers. Let our expert precious metals advisors guide you on the range of platinum and palladium bullion and collectible coins available in today's market.


If you're looking to invest in rare currency, then it is important that your purchase meets high standards. Our expert team has a wide range of items available for clients at all price points and can provide an evaluation on what type or quantity would best suit the investment goal as well as any numismatic interests one might have.

Coin Collecting SuppliesCoin Collecting Supplies

Our expansive inventory and ability to track down more esoteric coin supplies for our clients translates into the widest selection of coin collecting accessories in the market. As you browse our growing array of coin collecting supplies for both experienced and novice collectors, you will quickly realize that our “secret potion” is to deliver the very best in discount coin supplies and accessories with an unmatched level of service.