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$3 Indian Princess Gold Dollar (Type 3, Low Premium) 1856-1889

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  • Title: $3 Indian Princess Gold Dollar (Type 3, Low Premium) 1856-1889
  • Purity: 0.9
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: 0.059

Full Description

Please note -- $1 Gold Dollars are examples of historic United States coinage and are not to be confused with American Gold Eagles, which are modern, non-circulating gold coins manufactured mainly for investors who buy gold bullion. The Type 2 Gold Dollar Coins were unsatisfactory, with easy wear occurring due to the weak design. The Type 3 Gold Dollar replaced it in 1856. Produced by the United States Mint in Philadelphia and several branch locations, Type 3 Gold Dollars feature an Native American princess in profile, and have always been known as Indian Princess Gold Dollars and were struck until 1889. Most years had low production numbers, as the coins did not circulate well, especially in later years. In the late 1800's, jewelers were apt to purchase Indian Princess Gold Dollars to use in necklaces and pendants, and the little gold dollar was often given as a gift for holidays. Though annual mintages never approached those of the Type 1, collectors have had little trouble buying Indian Princess Gold Dollars, as most of the pieces did not circulate and have, therefore, been preserved in good condition to the present time. GMRGold is the best place to buy Native American princess $1 gold coins online, as we feature the best prices combined with unquestionable product quality and authenticity. Condition of Type 3 Indian Princess Gold Dollars This listing is for $1 Indian Princess Gold Dollars in Very Good or Better (VG+) condition. When you buy Indian Princess Gold Dollar coins online from GMRGold in this grade, we guarantee that each coin is in VG (or better) condition. Note that images are merely examples. Coins are selected at random from our current stock and are not the exact coin pictured above. Mint Dates of Indian Princess Gold Dollars Our inventory is constantly changing, so when buying Indian Princess Gold Dollar coins online, we cannot guarantee the availability of every combination of mint mark and mint date in the VG+ grade. GMRGold does, however, accept requests for specific mint years and mint marks. Simply include any such request with your order and we shall attempt to fulfill it. GMRGold is a full member of the American Numismatic Association. Therefore, we have access to a wide network of coin dealers across the United States. If you need help finding a specific year and grade of Type 3 Gold Dollar coins, please call GMRGold at 1-877-795-9585 and we will be happy to assist you. Details of Type 3 $1 Indian Princess Gold Dollars Like Types 1 and 2, the Type 3 Gold Dollar was designed by James Longacre. The reverse is identical to the Type 2, showing an agricultural wreath, along with the date and denomination. The obverse is a modified version of the Type 2, with a larger Indian Princess head in profile and a larger motto. The redesigned elements allowed a deeper strike, eliminating the problem with early wear that was experienced with the Type 2 Gold Dollar. All $1 Gold Dollar coins in the series were struck in an alloy of 10% copper and 90% gold. Investing in Gold Dollar Coins (Type 1) Even contemporary collectors rushed to buy Indian Princess Gold Dollar coins, often speculating and buying the coins in bulk. During and after the Civil War the annual production of Gold Dollars plummeted, never to recover. Many years saw a minting of only a few thousand proof and mint state examples. Fortunately, because the coin rarely circulated, they are readily available today in excellent grades. Buying Type 3 $1 Gold Coins Online from GMRGold -- Shipping and Insurance Our highly-trained staff takes great care when handling historic pre-1933 gold coins. When you purchase One Dollar Gold coins online, we carefully place your order in protective packaging. Because of the value of gold coins, we also provide shipping insurance at no cost and shipping is free to our customers in the continental United States. Help with Buying Indian Princess Gold Dollars Online GMRGold strives to be the best place to buy Indian Head Gold Dollar coins online -- should you have any questions we have many to assist you, such as our FAQ, an Investing Guide, a Glossary, and a detailed Product Information Page. More help can be found through our Contact Us page or by calling the GMRGold toll-free number at 1-877-795-9585. See All Historic Gold Coins

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