First Spouse Series – Andrew Jackson’s Liberty 2008

The First Spouse Gold Coins – Liberty

The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 contains a provision for the continuity of the First Spouse Coin Program in the event that a President served without a spouse.  The provision calls for a gold coin to be issued bearing an obverse design emblematic of Liberty as represented on a United States coin issued during the President’s period of service and a reverse image emblematic of themes of that President.  This provision applies to Andrew Jackson, who was widowed shortly before he took office.

The Andrew Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Coins were available first available from sale from the US Mint on August 28, 2008. The proof version was originally priced at $619.95, while uncirculated coins were $599.95. An initial household ordering limit of ten coins per option per household was imposed. This was a less strict limit than the prior issues, which had been limited to one per household upon initial release.

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