Austrian Gold 100 Coronas – Benefits of Common Date Coins

Common date coins such as the Austrian Gold 100 Corona offer a unique opportunity to investors who are not concerned about historical or numismatic value. Although these coins are attractive, their value is tied more directly to the value of the gold in them than to the images or dates on the coins.

What Is a Common Date Coin?

Common date coins are often called ‘generic gold,’ but don’t let the name confuse you. They are generic in the sense that they are traded based on their type rather than their specific year mark. Unlike many generic products you might find in your grocery store, generic in common date gold coins like the Austrian Gold 100 Coronas does not signify lower quality.

Lower Premium

An Austrian Gold 100 Coronas has a relatively low premium. For that reason, the 100 Coronas is a popular option among bullion investors and coin collectors alike.

More Direct Relation to Gold Prices

Having a commemorative or historically significant coin can help you increase your portfolio. However, pricing those coins to buy or sell can be difficult. The value of a common date coin remains reasonable, steady, and tied more closely to the actual price of gold. There is no worry about how popular it is among collectors at any given time.

High Liquidity

The Austrian Gold 100 Corona coin has a broad market among investors. Specialty coins appeal only to a limited number of investors. Anyone who wants to add gold to their investment portfolio can benefit from this common date coin.

Limited Supply

For recently minted coins that are traded based on their year, there is virtually no limit to the number of coins that will be produced as long as the demand is there. However, common date coins, though easy to get, are not unlimited in number. There are only so many, and the supply will never increase.

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