61st Annual FUN Show: A Numismatists Paradise!

If you’re a numismatist, or just tired of being cold, hit the Florida FUN Show in Tampa this weekend, January 7-10. This annual convention, held by Florida United Numismatists, is the grandaddy of coin collecting shows–in its 61st year, the FUN show attracts the best in dealers, education, and Heritage Auctions rare coin auctions.

GMRgold Joins the FUN Show!

GMRgold’s best and brightest have made it to the 61st Annual FUN Show and have set up a booth geared towards bringing awareness towards the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Commemorative series, offered exclusively here at GMRgold!

IMG_4955Charles Stevens and Brandon Boone, GMRgold’s finest, are shown setting up the GMRgold booth in the bourse at the 61st Annual FUN Show in Tampa!
IMG_4957Booths as far as the eye can see! The view from the GMRgold booth. Great deals are to be had at the Fun Show!

After arriving in Tampa Wednesday morning, the GMRgold team started setting up shop in the bourse; where hundreds of other dealers were preparing for the mayhem that is sure to come when the convention officially begins at 10 AM (Eastern). For more up to date info and images, follow our social pages!

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Don’t forget to visit the GMRgold team at booth 540! Come say “Hi” and talk coins with the best team in the business.

FUN Show Schedule

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You can also bring the family to FUN for a fascinating weekend of the history of money and metals. Exhibitors from all over the country, including GMR Gold, come to the show and bring their best and rarest coins. The US Mint and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving attend the show and bring along proofs of currency that never made it to circulation–the $100,000 bill, for example. There are also refined metals exhibits that demonstrate everything from finely crafted jewelry to artillery, and just about everything in between.

Whether you’re new to coin collecting or an experienced hobbyist, FUN offers something for everyone. Numismatic experts are scheduled to deliver lectures on all aspects of coin collecting, from how to spot a forgery to the growing popularity of collecting paper money. There’s a Young Numismatists Program for kids interested in coins, and events especially for them at FUN.

Heritage Coin Auctions is auctioning some extremely fine coins during FUN. Online bidding has started, but the live auction portion is the highlight of FUN. Here are a few of the available lots.


This 1652 Willow Tree shilling, shown above, is one of 12 similar coins in existence, and one of two exact pieces. It’s a showstopper, with online bidding at $140,000 and the reserve not met.


Seen above is the Lord Baltimore Fourpence from 1659 which will also be a featured coin during the auction. This coin is considered “merely” very rare, as opposed to unobtainable, and is in midgrade condition. It’s in pretty good shape to be 400 years old and has price tag to match, at $22,000 with no reserve.

3rd coin

This pewter 1776 Continental Dollar is an example of colonial currency that demonstrates early use of non-precious metals as it shows some corrosion but is still clearly articulated on both sides. Bidding is at $12,000 a few days prior to the live auction.


If you’re new to collecting and are a little breathless at these lots, there are many options for new numismatists. This 1788 Massachusetts cent has a bid of $190. A slightly off-center 1788 Connecticut copper penny, shown below, is a modest $95.

5th coin

If you can’t make it and have questions about the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Commemorative Series, the Heritage Coin Auction or any other numismatic or bullion coins, please contact us and our experts will be more than willing to help you add a little shine to your collection and investments!