2015 1/10-oz. Gold American Eagle – Here Are Two Great Reasons to Buy Fractional Coins

The 2015 1/10-oz. Gold American Eagle bullion coin is a fine and remarkably distinct example of the Saint-Gauden’s Double Eagle design on its obverse. Yet, savvy precious metals investors would rarely even think of basing their entire gold collection on a fractional coin. Fractional coins do have a place any well-diversified precious metals portfolio, though. Here are two reasons to consider buying the 1/10-oz. fractional gold coin known as the American Eagle.

  1. Fractional coins are the best option to use as currency in a national or world crisis.

If society ever collapses, you may want to use gold coins for goods and services you can’t barter to get. If you had only 1-oz. coins, you might end up paying the equivalent of hundreds of dollars for a small item you need. In this circumstance, the fractional coins would be the ones to have for most everyday purposes.

  1. The demand for fractional coins will likely increase faster than the supply.

Right now, the most popular weight for coins is 1 oz. for coins such as the Gold American Eagle. However, the price will continue to rise over time. Fewer people may be able to afford regularly buying full 1-oz coins. More people will probably opt for fractional coins such as the 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle, so they can continue adding to their collection. The resulting increased demand will mean that your fractional gold coins could be worth more and will likely be easier to sell if you choose.

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