1 Oz. Gold Bar Royal Canadian Mint – Why Does Purity Matter?

The 1 Oz. Gold Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint is a .9999 pure gold bullion bar. Not all investment gold is that pure, so the question arises, is the purity of gold really important? In some respects the purity of the gold always matters. Also, it is crucial for certain types of investing.


The purest gold coins and bars such as the 1 Oz. RCM Gold Bar weigh in at almost exactly one ounce. Bullion that is less pure weighs more, because the gold is mixed with a small amount of other heavier precious metals. Because of this difference, buying large amounts of less pure gold leads to higher shipping costs for the same melt weight of gold.

Consumer Confidence

If you want to sell gold, especially if you are selling to a new investor, the phrase ‘24-Karat gold’ can help you make the sale. This level of purity inspires confidence in the investment value of the coin. Although seasoned investors might look at it differently, beginning investors generally feel better buying purer gold. These pleasant first buying experiences can lead to a lifetime of gold investment for the buyer.

Precious Metals IRA

Not all gold bullion qualifies to be put into a Precious Metals IRA. A certain level of purity is usually required. The 1 Oz. Gold Bar RCM satisfies this requirement easily.

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The 1 Oz. RCM Gold Bar is a distinctive bar with a unique design created only at the Royal Canadian Mint. When you purchase this investment gold from GMRgold, you can be assured that the bar contains the correct purity level and true RCM design and RCM logo ingot reverse. While this should be true with every reputable gold dealer, another difference you get from GMRgold is attention to your needs and your best interests in this and every precious metals purchase.

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