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$20 Double Eagle Liberty 1850-1907 BU Condition

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  • Title: $20 Double Eagle Liberty 1850-1907 BU Condition

Full Description

The Double Eagle Liberty coins from the US mint are fabricated of gold under the face value of 20 USD. The double eagle came into existence in 1849 under congress’ authorized legislation. The fine detailing over this much talked about coin is provided by James Barton (also known for Indian head penny)


The obverse features a classic Greek rendition of Lady Liberty, facing left, and wearing a pearl-studded diadem inscribed “Liberty”.


The reverse depicts a fearless eagle with wings extended to their full span, with a shield on its breast beneath a ring of thirteen stars.

Product Specifications:

  • Choices available:
  • $20 Double Eagle Liberty 1850-1907 Cleaned or Polished
  • $20 Double Eagle Liberty 1850-1907 XF Condition
  • $20 Double Eagle Liberty 1850-1907 AU Condition
  • $20 Double Eagle Liberty 1850-1907 BU Condition
  • Years of minting: 1850-1907
  • Motto: ‘In God We Trust’
  • Face Value: $20

Full Description


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