1988-S Olympic Commemorative Silver Dollar

$1 1988-S Olympic Silver Commemorative Proof- Front
$1 1988-S Olympic Silver Commemorative Proof- Back
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  • Title: 1988-S Olympic Commemorative Silver Dollar
  • Purity: .900
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: .7734 oz

Full Description

Commemorating the U.S. teams participation in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, the 1988 Olympic Silver Dollar is fantastic opportunity to show your support for the U.S. team while collecting a memorable item!

Set with a maximum mintage of 10 million pieces, the final tally of 1988 Olympic Silver Dollars was around 1.55 million. Proof coins were minted exclusively in San Francisco and the uncirculated were minted in Denver. 

The Obverse

On the front of a coin is a beautiful design showing one hand holding the Statue of Liberty's torch and the other holding the Olympic torch. The two flames are shown merging together with an olive branch framing the peaceful scene. Inscriptions include: “Olympiad”, with “In God We Trust” and the date “1988” to each side. 

The Reverse

The back of the coin shows the Olympic rings in the center with “USA” above and another pair of olive branches framing the image. Inscriptions include: “United States of America”,“1 Dollar” and “E Pluribus Unum” are shown around the imagery.

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