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1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollar - NGC MS 63


$54.95 /ea


  • Title: 1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollar - NGC MS 63
  • Purity: .900
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: .7734 oz

Full Description

One of the most dependable arena for collectors and investors, are the Morgan silver dollars. This accounts for the affordability and stability of precious metal products. The Bland-Allison Act of 1878 made it compulsory for the United States Treasury to buy huge quantities of silver and punch out coins out of them.These coins were then returned for circulation hence giving birth to the Morgan Dollar. The Morgan Dollar derives its name from George T. Morgan who was the designer of the coin.

George T. Morgan endeavoured to design a coin that would mark the departure of the old traditional designs which featured classical figures. He designed the coin with keen focus on involving Lady Liberty in a more American fashion. Anna Willess Williams from Philadelphia became her lady inspiration.

The Overse

The Obverse depicts Anna Willess Williams as the Lady Liberty and 13 stars that surround her.It also has E PLURIBUS UNUM written on to it which is a Latin phrase and its translation is 'Out of many, One'

The Reverse

A Heraldic Eagle with open wings and and olive branch and arrows in its talons.

Full Description


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