10 Ounce Silver Bullet - .50 BMG

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  • Title: 10 Ounce Silver Bullet - .50 BMG
  • Purity: 0
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 0

Full Description

Nothing packs a punch like a 10-ounce Silver Bullet. Patterned after the .50 Browning Machine Gun, this silver bullion product is a favorite of investors and collectors. Gun enthusiasts choose this replica of the 12.7 x 99mm NATO cartridge in tribute this special ammo which has seen service in battle and long-range sniper situations for over 95 years. At .999 purity, these 10-ounce silver bullet replicas have both high intrinsic value and visual appeal. GMRgold acquires these 10-ounce Silver Bullet BMG replicas directly from manufacturer Northwest Territorial Mint to give you the highest quality at exceptional value. Silver bullet replicas like this 10-ounce .50 BMG make great gifts or additions to your own collection. They are highly tradable and offer an excellent way to invest and diversify your precious metals portfolio.

Cartridge Case and Bullet

The top and side surfaces of this 10-ounce Silver Bullet have the same powerful appearance as those of the .50 BMG. The cartridge case and bullet have the stubby, heavy-duty appearance of the 50-caliber bullet they represent. All these surfaces are smooth and catch the light.


The lower rim is shinier and contains the weight of 10 oz. and purity of .999 Ag.

Full Description


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