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Silver Bullets

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$49.95 /ea


10 oz Silver Bullet - .50 Caliber BMG

Load up on the 10 oz .50 caliber silver bullets as a low cost alternative to silver coins. Silver bullets are sleek, attractive and awe-inspiring. With their content of 10 oz of .999 fine silver, silver bullets are investment instruments that follow the spot price of silver.

$215.00 /ea


5 oz Silver Shotgun Shell - 12 Gauge

5 Ounce Silver Shotgun Shells are among the newest silver bullet products available today. Silver bullets and shells have gained notoriety as being some of the most interesting silver bullion products ever manufactured.

$129.58 /ea


1 oz Silver Bullet - .45 Caliber ACP

Each Silver Bullet is minted out of .999 fine silver. And is designed similar to some of the bullets that have been saving America for ages. This bullet pays homage to a bullet that was designed by John Browning in 1904. John Browning designed the bullet for using it in his semi-automatic .45 pistol. This design was further approved by the United States army for use in M1911 pistol.

$24.45 /ea

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