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Copper Bullets

Masked Man Collector’s Set – Twelve 1.5 oz .45 LC - Copper Bullets

The Masked Man Collector’s Set includes a premium, collectible Lone Ranger lunch box with twelve Long Colt .45 Copper Bullet Bullion packaged smartly inside.

$67.50 /ea


Six Bullet Sample Pack - Copper Bullets

This six-pack of Signature Copper Bullets is a must have for any serious collector. Made from the highest quality copper, non-firing models of popular cartridges are perfect for personalized gifts, awards, to commemorate a special occasion.

$53.00 /ea


12-Gauge 6.5 oz -Copper Bullet

The attention to detail and high degree of accuracy closely mimics the actual 12-gauge shotgun shell known the world over.

$17.50 /ea


12-Gauge Shotgun Shells Box of 5 - 6.5 oz - Copper Bullets

Five shotgun shells of 6.5 oz 12-Gauge Signature Copper Bullets packaged in an ammunition box modeled on the ones used by the military.

$84.00 /ea


Five Bullet Sample Pack - Copper Bullets

This 5 Bullet Sample Pack features five expertly crafted copper replicas, precision styled after the world’s most popular ammunition!

$44.95 /ea


.45 Long Colt 1.5 oz - Copper Bullet

Recreating your favorite western with a .45 Long Colt 1.5 oz Copper Bullet! While not actual ammunition for your six shooter, this exceptional Copper Bullet will make a great gift or trophy without breaking the bank.

$5.75 /ea


7.62 NATO (.308) - 2 oz - Copper Bullet

The 7.62 NATO round was designed to retain the ballistic performance of its predecessor the .30-06, but with a shorter cartridge length that worked more efficiently.

$7.00 /ea


.50 BMG - 10 oz - Copper Bullet

As one of the largest mass-produced firearm rounds, the original ammo first saw service in World War I and is still used as a primary weapon in today's military.

$20.00 /ea


.45 ACP - 1 oz - Copper Bullet

These copper versions of real .45 ACP cartridges are modeled on the same popular bullet designed by John Browning in 1904 for use in his Colt semi-automatic .45 pistol.

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.223 Rem/5.56 NATO 1 oz - Copper Bullet

Impress your friends and dazzle your visual senses with this impressively accurate 1 oz 5.56 NATO (.223 REM) Copper Bullet!

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