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Fire Department

First Responder Series

This three coin set is a tribute to our nations finest as they help serve the people devastated by the hurricane Harvey.

$58.00 /ea


IAFF - Fireman Theme - Bronze Antique

Founded in 1918, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has supported the life-saving work of the most dedicated and highly skilled professional firefighters in the world.

$9.00 /ea


Maltese Cross with Flag

In every community across America, fire fighters risk heir lives to safeguard their fellow citizens.

$19.98 /ea


Heroes Walk Among Us

Honor America’s heritage of freedom with this coin that captures one of America’s most difficult and heroic moments.

$10.00 /ea


Emergency Medical Services

This coin is dedicated to all those who put their lives on the line to safeguard others as fire and rescue personnel. The obverse features the Star of Life, the symbol denoting and honoring all emergency services personnel. The reverse bears the creed uniting all emergency services personnel, which reads "I stand ready all the time to help my fellow man."

$19.98 /ea


Saint Florian - Fireman Prayer Bronze Antique

Throughout human history, there have always been those individuals who have willingly sacrificed their safety to shield others from fire's deadly force. Driven by a deep desire to help those most in need, these valiant men and women have relied on an inner strength that few possess.

$10.00 /ea


Firefighter's Prayer

No one knows the abject fear of running into a burning building. Unless he has done it.

$12.00 /ea

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