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  • Is there a minimum transaction amount for sellers?
  • Yes. GMRgold can only make purchases of at least $1,000.

  • What do I need to do to sell my items to GMRgold?
  • Follow these procedures to sell precious metals to GMRgold:

    1. Open a free GMRgold account online.
    2. Call our Trading Department so we can inform you of the current prices for your items.
    3. Wait briefly for us to send you a detailed packing slip and a confirmation number for the sale.
    4. Place your items securely in a mailing package with the packing slip and confirmation number included inside.
    5. Ship your package to GMRgold.

    For your protection, we also recommend the following:

    1. Ship via the US Postal Service.
    2. Insure your package.
  • When does GMRgold pay me for my items?
  • Our standard procedure is to send you payment for the items you sell us as quickly as possible. Typically, that will be in 3-5 business days.

    For transactions less than $10,000, you may choose to receive your payment in any of the following ways: by check sent via first class mail, by ACH direct deposit, by bank wire. If you choose a bank wire, you are charged a $25 fee for the service.

    For transactions over $10,000, you may choose any of the same three options, with no fee if you choose to receive payment by bank wire.

  • Can I deliver my precious metals directly to GMRgold?
  • Yes. Just make an appointment with us by phone to come in and deliver your items.

  • What products can I sell you?
  • We buy any of the same products we sell, at our discretion.

  • What would happen if I didn’t send my items to you after I receive confirmation?
  • Because carriers can sometimes have delays or other issues that slow delivery time, you can avoid problems by calling us with your tracking number or registered mail number. You must do this the next business day after we notify you of confirmation. If you do not call with this information, we may cancel your order. At that point, we will charge you for any market changes. We do not allow customers who have cancelled orders to make new orders in the future.

    If you have given us the tracking number in a timely fashion and we do not receive your items within 5 business days, we may choose to give you more time to get us the package.

  • Does GMRgold accept cancellations?
  • We lock in your prices for purchases and/or sales at the time we send confirmation. Our standard policy is to not allow cancellations after the order has been confirmed. If you are dealing with a rare situation that necessitates a cancellation, you must call us during our business hours to make the cancellation. We will charge you a $35 cancellation fee plus the amount of any market losses to GMRgold. We charge these fees to your credit card. You will not be allowed to place additional orders until these fees have been paid. If there is a market gain, GMRgold retains the difference.

  • May I trade in my items?
  • Yes. Your trades are important to us because the expand our inventory. If you choose to make a trade, we recommend you talk to your tax advisor first.

  • Can I put my items on consignment with you?
  • Possibly. In certain cases, we do accept consignment items. Contact us with the details for more information.

  • Do I have to pay a fee when GMRgold receives my items?
  • No. There are no receiving fees. When we quote a price for your item, that is the price you will receive.

  • Are there any hidden fees for selling to GMRgold?
  • We are committed to transparency in our fee structure. There are no hidden fees when you sell to GMRgold.