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Intaglio Mint

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$10 Indian Tribute - High Relief - 2 Troy Ounce - 39MM

Though called the “Indian Head Gold Eagle”, the obverse design is not actually that of an American Indian but of Lady Liberty facing to the left wearing an Indian headdress or feather war bonnet with “LIBERTY” inscribed on the headband of the bonnet. Above the bust design are 13 stars to represent the original states or colonies. The reverse features a standing eagle on a perch of bundled arrows and an olive branch. To the right of the Eagle’s head are the words “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and next to the eagle’s breast is the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” On the outer periphery are the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and denomination “TEN DOLLARS,” with a dot between the two words.

$39.95 /ea


$20 Saint -Gaudens- High Relief- 2 Troy Ounce - 39MM

Saint-Gaudens took great interest in the “art of the coin”: his $20 gold piece, the double eagle coin he designed for the U.S. Mint, though it was adapted for minting was first struck in 1907, in ultra-high relief (only 20 minted). The coin took up to eleven strikes to bring up the detail. The ultra-high relief did not strike properly and was deemed impractical for commerce. The design was then flattened and a high-relief version was minted. Even though it took eight strikes less, it was still considered impractical for commerce. The coin was finally modified to a normal-relief version, which was minted from 1907-1933. It is still considered to be one of the most beautiful American coins ever issued.

$44.95 /ea


American Ancients Series - Jefferson 3 oz Silver Round

Second in the American Ancients series from Intaglio Mint, these handcrafted one-of-a-kind works of art employ coin making techniques dating from Ancient Greece to the present, making them stunning in appearance and fantastic to hold.

$109.95 /ea


American Ancients Series – Franklin Liberty 3 oz Silver Round

First in the American Ancients series from Intaglio Mint, these handmade works of art are .999 fine silver and are made using techniques dating from Ancient Greece to the present. Hand crafted in Waco, Texas.

$109.95 /ea


Battlefield Cross Tribute High Relief – 2oz .999 Fine Silver BU – Limited Mintage

The Battlefield Cross Tribute High Relief from Intaglio Mint is 2 oz of .999 Fine Silver BU and has a limited mintage of 500.

$49.95 /ea


$24.95 /ea

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