The Appeal of Owning the American Eagle $5 Denomination Gold Coin

For each and every one of us, tomorrow is never guaranteed: and the same can be said for the global market, including our very own economy. So when chaos ensues because the dollar or other currencies are worthless, where will you be sitting in terms of net worth? If you’ve already begun diversifying your investments with gold and other precious metals—then you’re on the right track towards securing you, and your family’s future.

In a truly survivalist frame of mind, your investments would be better suited in the form of convenient amounts of gold or precious metals. You don’t want your wealth to be solely held in gold bars, or large quantity coins. A safer option for securing your wealth, and your future, is through investing in the lower denomination American Eagle coins, like the $5 Gold American Eagle, which has 1/10 ounce of gold, and is about the size of a dime. A truly unique part of a very popular series, the lowest denomination Gold American Eagle is guaranteed by the U.S. government to contain 22-karat gold, which has been specifically mined from American soil.

For those looking to secure their future, no matter the state of the economy, these coins are a perfect option. Containing a higher premium than the larger denomination coins, because the same amount of work goes into creating the $5, 1/10 ounce coin as the $50 one ounce coin; the $5 Gold Eagle is also a perfect option for investing in for investor’s looking to diversify their already existing portfolio.

No matter the circumstance, or state of the market; it is always advised to diversify your investments with precious metals; which are often referred to as safe haven assets in times of inflation. If you’d like to learn more about the American Eagle program, or would like to add these beautiful, and valuable coins to your collection or investment—contact Global Monetary Reserve at 1(877) 795-9585.