A Grand Beginning to the Liberty Set: Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is Your Start to a Great Investment

Part of the rich history of the Presidency in the United States, First Spouses have played integral roles in the social, cultural, and political aspects of their husband’s career’s.  But several Presidents have lacked the support so many other Presidents have had; even one, James Tyler, who had two! This issue came up when discussing the First Spouse Gold Coin program which was to be issued by the United States Mint beginning in 2007; when it came time to decide what to do for the four Presidents whose terms had no First Lady, The Presidential $1 Coins Act of 2005 (Public Law 109–145) deemed that those who didn’t not have a wife to represent should instead have Lady Liberty.

These four First Spouse Gold Coins, which correspond to the Presidential $1 Coin issued at the same time, came to be known as the Liberty Set, or even the Bachelor Set.  Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and James Buchanan all have Lady Liberty in their First Spouse Gold Coin series coins, but each is a beautiful representation of their time in office.

Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is a great beginning for any avid collector to start with. This one-half ounce 24-karat .9999 Pure Gold Coin has wonderful historic, and monetary value. TheLiberty on Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is the same Liberty that appears on the Half-Cent released by the United States Mint during Jefferson’s term as President. Along with the rising value of Gold in the market place, Commemorative Coins like Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin have shown value in their historical and cultural significance. Adding the Liberty Set, starting with Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin, is an added value to any investment because of the added impact of having similar coins grouped in a set.

Making the Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin would be a wise investment, and a welcome addition to a collection, especially the start of a Liberty Set. If you’d like to learn more, or make this beautiful Gold Coin a part of your assets call Global Monetary Reserve at (877) 795-9585 to speak to anyone of our knowledgeable team members, or visit our E-commerce site by Clicking Here.