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Paper Currency Is a Critical Part of Any Portfolio


Many coin collectors and investors eventually discover the wonderful world of collecting or investing in paper money. The reason is obvious, both currency and coins are a form of ‘art’ made by the Federal Government, for the same purpose. A second reason is the simple fact that the two main coin grading companies, NGC and PCGS, also grade money (NGC and PMG are owned by the Certified Collectible’s Group).

One of the most popular (and easiest) areas of collecting US paper money is in the Silver Certificate field. This area of interest has grown beyond belief and continues to grow each and every year, as more and more ‘notes’ either get destroyed or find there way into the hands of collectors. Collecting Silver Certificates is also quite affordable when compared to coins and comic books. A ‘larger size’ 1923 series note in 64+ condition can easily be had for less than $150! This is one of the more popular affordable Silver Certificates ever produced.

Beginning a paper money collection is easy to do. Uncirculated (63+) notes typically always increase in value faster than a ‘note’ in a lower grade. This is much like any other field of collecting. Again, condition, condition, condition!

As with coins, paper money has a valid face value. If you plan to start collecting $500 bills and expect to get one for $499; it isn’t going to happen. Every valid legal tender note (which most, if not all are); is worth its face value at least!

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