Seated Liberty Design Lends Value to The Van Buren’s Liberty First Spouse Coin

Part of the significant Commemorative Coin series released by United States Mint, The First Spouse Gold Coins: Martin Van Buren’s Liberty is an exceptional addition to not only the program, but internal set called the Presidential Liberties. As specified in the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, which calls for the First Spouse series; President’s who served without spouses occupying the First Lady position will be represented in the First Spouse Gold Coins by Lady Liberty. Martin Van Buren, the 8th President of the United States is represented in the series by the Seated Liberty design which was minted between 1836 through 1891.

The design features Liberty seated with her feet on the right, but facing the left as she clutches a Liberty pole with a Phrygian cap mounted on the top (the Phrygian cap was worn by the previous Liberty, the Capped Bust). On the left of the coin sits a stripped shield, preparing for the defense of freedom. Originally, the Phrygian cap was used in Europe to signify freedom from oppression. Taken from the Roman tradition, it was confused with the Pileus, a brimless felt cap. The Pileus was the true symbol of freed men from slavery that was adopted by Europeans centuries later. The Phrygian cap was a symbol bestowed in Greece to those who were considered Non-Greek.

Being a part of both the First Spouse program, as well as the Liberty Set, Van Buren’s Liberty is a perfect investment or addition to your collection. Its value lies not only with its intrinsic value (made of one-half ounce of 24-karat (.9999) Pure Gold) but also with the historic significance of not only its imagery but its place in the series. If you’d like to learn more, or acquire this beautiful coin for your collection or investment portfolio—contact the experts at 877-795-9585 at Global Monetary Reserve today and get everything you need to know! Visit our E-commerce site by Clicking Here and make a purchase at the comfort of your home, or take a look our diverse inventory.