Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin: One of the Most Youthful and Captivating of the Series

Louisa Adams hold the distinction of not only being the wife of 6thPresident John Quincy Adams, but also being the first and only First Lady to be born outside of the United States. The sixth coin released by the United States Mint for the First Spouse Gold Coin program, and the 5th First Lady represented (Thomas Jefferson’s respective First Spouse Coin did not have Lady Jackson, he had been a widower for 18 years prior to taking office, and is instead represented by Lady Liberty).

Born in London in 1775 to a British mother and American father, Louisa Adams and her family fled to France during the American Revolution. There she learned to speak French fluently, and became accustomed to European society.  Returning to Europe at the end of The Revolution, a young John Quincy Adams became enamored with 19 year old Louisa. Once married she accompanied her husband throughout his political career, and across Europe: her extensive knowledge and practice of European customs helped greatly.

Her image on the Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin is infused with European romanticism. While other first ladies stared directly at the viewer, the youthful, stylish portrait of Louisa Adams looks fondly beyond the viewer. She is also shown with lace lined turban, which could be confused for a royal adornment: a proper symbol for the only First Lady to be born outside of the United States, and who exhibited European charisma fit for nobility. Compared to some of the earlier First Lady portraits—Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin exudes a youthful and romantic aura unmatched by previous coins.

An aesthetically pleasing Gold Coin, and a wonderful representation of the First Spouse Series, the historic Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin would be a welcome addition to any collector, or investors portfolio. Give one of our educated team members a call at (877) 795-9585 and learn more about how you can make this Commemorative Coin a part of your collection. If you’d like to make an immediate purchase, or look at similar offers visit our E-commerce site by Clicking Here!