Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin – 2008 W G$10

The First and only Presidential Spouse to be born outside of the country, Louisa Adams brought with her a sense of European refinery, and instilled political ambition in her husband, son of previous President, John Quincy Adams. A world traveler throughout her husband’s political career, Louisa Adams took to America, and saw the fundamental principles that built our Nation as the foundation for her new home.  She showed courage when she made the arduous journey across war torn Europe with her young son, so she could stand by her husband’s side as he helped end the War of 1812. Known for her hospitality, few knew of her depression, and battle with illness; she rose above her own turmoil, and became a pillar in her community; bringing support for her husband’s career in Washington, and beyond.

First Spouse Gold Coin Series

Looking to improve the standard of the nation’s monetary system, The Presidential $1 Coin Act (Public Law 109-145) is the culmination of the ideology behind the historic, and aesthetic precedent that is the Presidential $1 Coin, and First Spouse Gold Coin Series. Part of the law, The First Spouse Gold Coin Series is the first of its kind to feature women on a recurring series of currency.  Our nation’s first ladies are pictured on the Obverse of the coin, while the Reverse pays homage to their standing while their husband’s were in office. The Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin is the sixth in the series, and showcases the First Lady in beautiful detail.

A Beautiful Design

A part of the First Spouse Gold Coin Series is the showcases the First Ladies in artistic detail, and pay homage to their lineage. The Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin does just that, and portrays The First Lady beautifully on the Obverse. Designed by Joel Iskowitz, and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, and is based on the 1816 portrait of the then wife of the Minister to the Court of St. James’s. Once again in her home nation, the exuberant Louisa Adams looks young and sociable. In charge of the Reverse design Donna Weaver brought to life Louisa Adams most turbulent time as a diplomat’s wife; bringing the effect to life Charles Vickers sculpted the scene for a startling rendition of the escape.

Fun Fact: Though Louisa Adams was born in London, her father was in fact American. Having to escape Britain during The Revolution, her father whisked his family away to France, where a young Louisa learned to speak French fluently.  Having expanded her repertoire in language, and European customs; she became an asset to her diplomatic husband during his many stations across Europe. While stationed in Russia, John Quincy Adams was called to Paris to be a part of the delegation negotiating peace for the end of the War of 1812. Wanting to be by her husband’s side, Louisa braved the war ravaged land, and highwaymen. Legend says during her 40-day journey she used her eloquently spoken French to bypass Napoleon’s army by presenting herself as a relation to the general himself!

The Rise of Gold, and Commemorative Coins

Being the sixth in the First Spouse Gold Coin Series, the Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin was a part of the United States Mint’s new pricing policy. Basing the prices of newly released Coins on the London Fix weekly average, which is used as a price benchmark for immediate precious metals delivery, the new coins are representative of market prices for Gold. Released on May 29, 2008, The Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin was issued at a price of $599.95 for the uncirculated, and $619.95 for the proof version. Since then the price has risen to $1,200 for the uncirculated, and $1,300 for the proof—a 100% increase in value! Graded values show a 52.34% percent change in the price of the proof, and 37.32% change in the uncirculated.

An aesthetically pleasing Gold Coin, and a wonderful representation of the First Spouse Series, the historic Louisa Adams First Spouse Gold Coin would be a welcome addition to any collector, or investors portfolio. Give one of our educated team members a call at (877) 795-9585 and learn more about how you can make this Commemorative Coin a part of your collection. If you’d like to make an immediate purchase, or look at similar offers visit our E-commerce site by Clicking Here!