Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin – 2009

Suffering from the after effects of a strokes, Letitia Tyler rose above her own anguish to stand beside her husband as he unexpectedly assumed the position of Commander and Chief of the Nation; his predecessor, William Henry Harrison, having succumbed to his battle with his illness and making him the President to have served the shortest term in U.S History. Born to a wealthy plantation owner in November of 1790, Letitia Tyler did not receive a formal education; instead she was taught how to run a proper household, a valuable skill for a politician’s wife. After a very staunch five-year engagement, Letitia married a young lawyer named John Tyler. At the age of forty-nine she suffered her first stroke, leaving her an invalid; yet through all this she continued to care for her family, and maintain her household, even when her home was the White House.

Letitia Tyler’s Place in the First Spouse Gold Coin Series

Wife of the 10thPresident, and the first Vice President to have to assume office after the death of the President, John Tyler: Letitia Tyler has a unique place in the history of First Ladies. The first to pass while her husband was in office, her legacy is filled with tales of her devotion: from her daughter-in-law,  “…the most entirely unselfish person you can imagine.. Notwithstanding her very delicate health, mother attends to and regulates all the household affairs and all so quietly that you can’t tell when she does it.” Her delicate portrait appears on the Obverse of the Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin, the gold adding the healthy pallor she lacked in her late life. Her counterpart, the John Tyler $1 Coin was released at the same year.

Bringing the First Lady to Life

In charge of bringing Letitia Tyler’s portrait to life, and do the First Lady justice, was Medallic Sculptor, Phebe Hemphill’s job. With over 50 sculpting, and design credits to her name, Hemphill accomplished a remarkable job, bring to life the portrait of the late Letitia Tyler: the youthful face of the devout woman stairs back rather domestically from a face surrounded by ringlets. On the Reverse, a loving depiction of the young mother playing with her two youngest children at her home in Cedar Grove Plantation, with the plantation building and field visible in the distance. The Reverse was designed by Susan Gamble, and sculpted by Norm Nemeth.

Fun Fact: Contrary to what his later actions might have alluded to; John Tyler remarried just a few short years after Letitia passed away in 1842, to Julia Tyler (30 years his junior) in 1844; Letitia and John had quite a happy and fulfilling marriage. The beginnings of which was quite innocent. She met Tyler, then a law student, in 1808; from there, they underwent a 5-year courtship. It was so innocent in fact that John didn’t kiss Letitia until three weeks before they were married, and it was on the hand! Tyler promised in a love letter before: “Whether I float or sink in the stream of fortune, you may be assured of this, that I shall never cease to love you.”

Value You Can See

Priced at $766.00 for the Uncirculated version of the Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin, and $779.00 for the Proof version when released on July 2, 2009, the Gold Coin has since risen in value. Today the value, according to The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins 2014 the coin is now valued at $1,550 for the Uncirculated version, and $1,350 for the Proof. When it comes to graded version, versions that are sent to grading facilities to guarantee the quality of the coin, such as the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, the coin sees a higher value: $1,650.00 for the highest grade (MS70) for the Uncirculated and $1,675.00 for the highest graded Proof. Proof coins are more collectible because of their mirror like finish that contrasts beautifully with the frosted design that is pushed to the foreground.

While she may not have occupied the seat of First Lady very long, she did the position honor by continuing to care, and maintain her home even in the face of such adversity. If you’d like to learn more about how you can make this coin a part of your collection, or investment portfolio, contact the experts at Global Monetary reserve at 877-795-9585 today. Or if you want to take a look at our amazing selection, and make an immediate purchase Click Here and you will be redirected to our E-commerce site!