Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin – 2009

Born to an extremely affluent family in May of 1820, Julia Gardiner would raise eyebrows when she would marry the current President John Tyler. A recent widower, John Tyler was nearly 30 years her senior, and had spent time trying to court her only a few months after the death of his first wife, Letitia Tyler. He won her over by comforting her when her father unexpectedly died on an excursion the Gardiner’s were accompanying the President on; known as the USS Princeton Disaster, the world’s largest navel gun at the time, the “Peacemaker,” exploded, resulting in the death of Julia’s father and several others. A wonderful socialite, though not learned in the machinations of political practices, she used her standing, and influence to help President Tyler secure the support he needed in order annex the territory of Texas.

Place in First Spouse Gold Coin Program

Credited with bringing one of the most well known Presidential practices, the greeting of the Commander in Chief in public events by the march “Hail to the Chief,” Julia Tyler was known to bring a sense of formality back to the White House events. Since she is the second wife of John Tyler, and his first wife, Letitia, was still alive during his rise from Vice President to President, she is the second coin in the First Spouse Gold Coin series to have the 10th inscription below her portrait on the Obverse.  Spending a total of 8 months as First Lady, from June 1844 to March 1845, her time is inscribed below. The stunningly regal portrait of Julia Tyler can be seen on her First Spouse coin, given a grand aura with the one-half ounce of 24-karat (.9999) Pure Gold.

Bringing the Woman to Life

Seen on the Obverse of the Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin is a rendering of the First Lady as she appeared in her youth, painted by artist Francesco Anelli. She dons a fashionable headpiece, and a pearl necklace. Wanting to make her short time as First Lady as event filled as possible, she organized news stories, and even had her likeness, the same in the portrait seen on the Obverse, made into an engraving so that it could be sold in public: written below the portrait “The President’s Bride.” On the Reverse the First Lady is seen dancing with President Tyler during a White House Ball. Not having much time to perform the social function of First Lady, Tyler would not be participating in reelection, Julia made the most of what time she did have and threw as many White House function as she could.

Fun Fact: Considered vivacious, if not a little unruly, in her youth; she once caused a scandal amongst her family’s acquaintances when she appeared in an advertisement for a goods and clothing emporium next to a young man; an unmarried young lady appearing next to a young man was seen as unbecoming of a lady. She was sent to Europe to try and let the rumors die down, and there she was exposed to the new dancing craze: The Polka. A fast paced, closely danced arrangement, she is credited with bringing the craze to America where she introduced the dance during a White House Ball.

A Valuable Collector’s Item

The United States Mint released the Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin on August 6, 2009 and was priced at $766.00 for the Uncirculated version of the coin, and $779.00 for the Proof version. Proof versions of coins are highly collectable; often struck more than twice, the dyes are treated and given special attention to achieve the mirror like quality the background has, as well as the frost like finish on the raised designs. Today, according to the The Official Red Book: A Guide to United States Coin 2014, the uncirculated coin is now valued at $1,900, and $1,850 for the proof coin. Values differ slightly when considering the graded version, those that are sent to grading companies to ensure quality; such as the NGC or Numismatic Guaranty Company. The NGS values the highest grade for the uncirculated coin (MS70) at $2,650, and $1,750 for the highest grade proof (PF70).

Since interest in the series, as it does in any collector’s series, waned with the First Spouse Gold Coin program only 2,861 uncirculated and 4,830 proof coins were minted in total. Such low figures have aided greatly to the overall value of the Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Coin. If you’d like to make this beautiful coin a part of your investments or collection; feel free to call the experts at Global Monetary Reserve today at 877-795-9585 to get all the information you need. Or if you want to make an immediate purchase or take a look at our inventory Click Here to be directed to our convenient E-commerce site.