Jackson’s Liberty 2008 W G $10

First Spouses to the President of the United States have played integral roles in social, and moral boosting for their husband’s time as Commander and Chief. Few Presidents did not have this support, and that’s where the creator’s of the First Spouse Gold Coin program, part of the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, ran into a problem: for those President’s whose tenure did not have a First Lady, what image should stand in her place? Four Presidents, not including Chester Arthur who is represented by Alice Paul (famous Suffragist), are represented by Lady Liberty, usually as she appeared on coinage during their time in office. Andrew Jackson, whose wife had passed shortly before he took office in March of 1829, is represented in the First Spouse series by the Capped Bust Liberty; minted between 1807 and 1839.

History of the First Spouse Gold Coin Program

Wanting to revitalize the minting of new coins, and increase public demand, the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 began with a flourish to honor every eligible President they could. But the Act didn’t stop there; for the first time in history women would be featured on a consecutive series of minted American coins. With a denomination of $10, and a make-up of one-half ounce of 24-karat, .9999 Pure Gold; the First Spouse Gold Coin series is a historic, and monetary investment in American Coins. For those few Presidents who did not have a First Lady during their time in office, Lady Liberty is their representative. Jackson’s Liberty is the popular Capped Bust Liberty minted during his time in office.

A Fitting Design

Capturing a bit of history is all part of the plan for the First Spouse Gold Coin series; so it is only fitting that the widower, or bachelor President’s representation should be Lady Liberty. Even more fitting is the Liberty used in the First Spouse Gold Coin should be the same that was minted during their Presidency. Designs that haven’t been minted in a hundred and fifty, and even two hundred years are revitalized in the First Spouse Gold Coin program. Jackson’s Liberty, the Capped Bust, was designed by John Reich, a German immigrant who rose in prominence by becoming Robert Scot’s apprentice. On the Reverse, a stunning depiction of Jackson as he rides into battle, commanding 4,000 American soldiers against the invading British in the Battle of New Orleans in January 1815. His nickname, given to him by his followers, stands along his image as a testament to his toughness in the face of adversity.

Fun Fact:  The cap, which Lady Liberty dons in the Capped Bust design, is called a Phrygian or Freedom Cap: a symbol emblematic of Revolution, and the pursuit of Freedom in Europe (it stands as a symbol of Liberty worn by the French national emblem, Marianne). Though the Phrygian Cap has been in existence since ancient Rome, it’s symbology has been changed in recent centuries. You see, the Phrygian Cap was confused with the Pileus, a brimless, felt cap: worn by emancipated slaves, and the true symbol of freedom from tyranny. The Phrygian cap was a symbol bestowed in Greece to those who were considered Non-Greek.

A “Set” Value

As with any Commemorative series, interested waned with the First Spouse Gold Coin program. This significant factor, along with the rising price of gold, caused the mintage figures for Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin to be significantly lower than the first Gold Coins of the series. Released on August 28, 2008, Jackson’s Liberty was priced at $599.95 for the uncirculated version, and $619.95 for the proof. While the first three of the First Spouse Gold Coin series sold out, and capped at the mintage figure of 40,000—Jackson’s Liberty only had 4,519 uncirculated coins, and 7,933 proof coins minted. Such low mintage figure have lent to the rise in the coins value. Today the uncirculated price has risen to $1,700, and $1,650 for the proof (Red Book Price Guide). With graded versions, such as the NGC graded uncirculated the price has risen even more: $1,925 for the uncirculated, and $1, 900 for the proof.

For anyone looking to start a small collection, or just capture a bit of history: the Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin would be a welcome addition. The stunning historical representation on the Obverse, as well as the dedication to the celebrated war hero, President Jackson or “Old Hickory”, on the Reverse shows value not only intrinsically but for its aesthetic beauty as well. To make this lovely Gold Coin a part of your investment portfolio or collection, call the experts at Global Monetary Reserve at 877-795-9585 today, or if would like to make an immediate purchase please visit our E-commerce site by Clicking Here!