First Spouse—Martha Washington 2007 W G$10

Martha Washington has paved the way for first ladies: A woman of resolute character whose delicate appearance and homely profession didn’t hinder her from weathering multiple winters with her husband and his militia, providing unyielding care and support for the soldiers of the Continental Army. For over 40 years she stood by her husband through war, a Presidency, and finally through their final years. Lady Washington set the precedent for matriarchy in the Presidential family—a pillar of strength for the most weighty of titles to lean on for support.

First Spouse Gold Coins: The First of Their Kind

Over 288 years since her husband became the first President of the United States, and she became thefirst, First Lady: Martha Washington is again paving the way for American women by being one of the first to have her visage on American currency.  The First Spouse Gold Coins, launched by the United States Mint  in June of 2007, came out in tandem with the Presidential $1 Coins honoring their husbands.  Part of The Presidential $1 Coins Act of 2005 (Public Law 109–145), the law sought the dedicatory, as well as the educational benefits of minting important historical figures.

Fun Fact: In an age where illiteracy was common amongst men, and especially women, Martha Washington proved her tenacity by learning to read and write at an early age. At the death of her first husband, Martha took control over her husband’s estate, and learned to manage the considerable wealth left behind, as well as a completely functioning plantation. Two years later, she married the man who would become the First President of the United States.

A Mold Like No Other

With such historical significance to represent, the United States Mint gathered artists with a combined experience of over 80 years of illustration/design/sculpting. In charge of the obverse side of the Martha Washington First Spouse Gold Coin was Joseph Menna, who has over 37 coin sculpting and design credits to his name. Working as a team on the Reverse was designer Susan Gamble, and sculpture Don Everhart; both brought to life the artistic embodiment of what made Martha Washington such an admirable first lady. Her dedication to the cause, as well as to her husband’s men showed in her actions, organizing sick words, persuading society ladies to donate bandages made of their napkins and tablecloths, as well as repairing the shirts of the poorly equipped Continental soldiers.

Coin Appreciation

While the Martha Washington First Spouse $10 Gold Coin does contain one-half ounce of 24-karat gold, its value doesn’t lie solely with the material it is made of. While fluctuations in the market may cause the price of gold to fall, the artistic, historical, and intrinsic value of the Commemorative Gold Coin make it a must have for collectors and investors alike. Let’s take the last year into consideration: Gold has dropped in price by $44 dollars, that’s 3.55% loss; but the Martha Washington First Spouse Gold Coin has risen in value by 115.14%!

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