Last Week’s Decision and the Ramifications for the Future

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Last Wednesday the Federal Reserve made the decision to not increase interest rates showing that they were looking to end their Fall session without making any major waves in the market. Now investors and analysts are looking towards December for the potential rate hike and, as always, are trying to predict which way the stocks will turn.

There are no certainties, but Chairwoman “Janet Yellen testified before the House finance committee [Wednesday] morning, suggesting that while there was no fixed timetable, she still anticipates hiking rates before year-end.” With rate hikes gold has been shown to rise every time the Fed has chosen to rase interest rates, and with what seems an inevitable decision, gold is showing promise in the coming month’s as a good investment. GMRgold always advises to buy when the markets are low and we have an amazing selection of gold, silver and platinum options.

Not Only Tied to Fed Decision

There are many factors at play for the future of precious metals, one is the housing market. The pending home index sales fell by 2.4% in August and with that Gold is showing promise and since the report was made, has jumped after a brief slump. Now’s the time to buy!

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