Investing in Silver: The 1 Oz. Silver Bar – Buffalo Design

Few designs continue to resonate with American’s as the Buffalo design featured on nickel from 1913 until 1938. Part of the “Renaissance” of America’s monetary system started by President Theodore Roosevelt, the design was a far cry from the typical Lady Liberty designs of our nation’s past. Stark and beautiful, the Buffalo Nickel design is a resounding image of our nation’s change and innovative minting techniques.

The Buffalo Nickel has always been a favorite amongst collectors and those with a few coins in their drawers: that’s why the design has made such a dramatic comeback in the past two decades! From 1 Oz. 24-karat gold bullion coins, to 1 Oz. Silver Bullion Bars, the design can be collected in many forms.

Available in an affordable package, the Buffalo Nickel design is featured on the 1 Oz. Silver Bar on

The Design

Minted in the United States, the one troy ounce silver bullion bar features the famous elements of the Buffalo Nickel. Created by James Earle Fraser, the artist used several Native Americans as reference for the stunning rightward facing profile. Above the iconic image is inscribed “Liberty,” and below “1 oz. .999 Fine Silver.”

On the back of the silver bullion bar is the coin’s namesake, the American buffalo. Also facing right, the beast is featured in the center of the bar in beautiful detail. Created in the likeness of “Black Diamond,” the resident buffalo at the Central Park Zoo during the creation of the Buffalo Nickel’s design; the tale goes that Fraser had difficulty sketching the animal: “I stood for hours … He refused point blank to permit me to get side views of him, and stubbornly showed his front face most of the time.”

A truly remarkable precious metals item, the 1 Oz. Silver Bar – Buffalo Design is a must have for collectors and investors alike. If you would like to learn more about silver bullion bar, please don’t hesitate to call a GMRgold precious metals expert at 877-795-9585 today!