The Gold Bullion Coin that Started It All – 1 Oz. Gold South African Krugerrand

The Gold South African Krugerrand was not the first gold coin in history. In fact, it was not the first gold coin in modern times, but it was the first gold bullion coin to be widely traded on the international market for investment purposes. Since its first release in 1967, it has continued to gain in popularity to such an extent that over 50 million of the Krugerrand gold coins have already been minted.

Krugerrand Design

The obverse of the Krugerrand features Paul Kruger, who led the Afrikaners in a fight against the British to secure control of the South African gold fields. The reverse shows a springbok, an animal that roams the savannas of South Africa. The distinctive look of Krugerrands contributes to their vast share of the gold coin market.

Giving Gold Krugerrands

Shortly after it was first minted, individuals and businesses saw the potential of owning Gold Krugerrands. Businesses gave them to employees for employment anniversaries, retirement gifts or simply as tokens of appreciation. Individuals also gifted them to friends and family members for milestone birthdays and weddings. And of course, they kept them for themselves to grow their financial portfolio in a stable way over time.

Best Purchase Option

The 2016 South African Gold Krugerrand 1 Oz. Common Date coin is minted from 22-karat gold with .9167 purity. By this time, there are many Krugerrand coins on the market, but getting one that is authentic and in excellent condition is not a sure thing. When you buy from GMRgold, you get the right bullion coin at the right price, along with a pleasant buying experience and the assurance that you are purchasing from one of the most moral dealers in the business.

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