Gold Bars in Grams Pack a Powerful Investment Punch

Celebrated over centuries, Gold has been a staple investment in our history for a long, long time. Today the precious metal comes in as many shapes and sizes as the human imagination can muster: this includes the every popular Gram sized Gold Bars from PAMP Suisse. They’re incredibly valuable, come in a protective case with assay, and are affordable for those looking to start adding tangible assets to their investments!

It’s a win-win for gold aficionados and the average everyday collector. GMRgold is highlighting the 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 Gram Gold Bars from PAMP Suisse this week! Read on to learn more about the fantastic little gold bars!

PAMP Suisse Refinery

Established in 1977 and based in Ticino, Switzerland PAMP is the trusted and innovative source for gold, silver and platinum bullion products the world over. Operating their state-of-the-art precious metals refinery and fabrication facility, PAMP has maintained a market share in excess of 50% of gold bars weighing 100-grams or less over the past two decades.

This is all due to it’s innovative practices that have become standard in the precious metals industry. PAMP was the first fabricator to decorate the reverse of its small bars and the first to include the small bars in sealed packaging which in PAMP’s case doubles as a certificate of authenticity. Lady Fortuna, who decorates PAMP bars, has now become a recognizable figure in the industry.

Lady Fortuna

In the ancient Roman multi-deity religion, Fortuna was the goddess of luck and fortune. Fortuna is derived by the latin word Vortumna, or she who revolves the year. Sometimes depicted veiled or with a blind fold, her image is said to represent life’s unpredictability with bestowing fortune on mankind. Her symbols include the cornucopia, from which riches overflow; ship’s rudder, which steers fate; the globe which symbolizes chance; and the wheel symbolizes luck which whether it is good or bad, never lasts.

On the Gram sized Gold Bars from PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna has been given a new look on the precious metal. Shown facing left, Fortuna is shown blind folded with her veiled head crowned with a wreath, an overflowing cornucopia stands in the foreground showing riches pouring out.

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