A Crucial First Step to Getting Started in Numismatics

At GMR we focus on not only providing exceptional service and an unbeatable selection of Numismatic, and Bullion coins but also helping our clients make informed decision when it comes to starting off or expanding their Precious Metals portfolios. Today we’re going to highlight one of the much needed steps that must be taken when purchasing Numismatic coins: coins that have intrinsic value, but also value associated with the minting, rareness and/or history of the coin.

If you’re looking to add value to your collection, or are purely looking to invest; you must first be aware that investing in Numismatic coins is not a quick paced, lucrative choice. Often times, the rise in the value of Numismatic coins is gradual; so it is not a wise investment for those looking to make a quick buck—it’s a long term investment.

Known as the hobby of Kings, Numismatic coin collecting can be a gratifying, and fun activity; especially if you’re interested in history or the minting process. The First detail covered is possible the most important!


  • Education: Every Numismatic coin in existence has a story tied to it; maybe there is some interesting facet of history behind the figure featured on the coin; or perhaps there was an aspect of debate behind the coin. In any case you must first learn everything you can about the coin before making a purchase.
    • Graded Coins usually have price guides that can be easily searched for online. PCGS has cert verification: www.pcgs.com/cert/ and NGC has a cert look up: www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/.
    • If not graded, make sure that you understand the grading system and become intermediate in the process before making a decision on a coin. Once you become familiar, you can use price guides like The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins to make an informed purchase.
    • Look at the history of the coin, perhaps there is an interesting aspect you don’t know about; a quick search online can yield a plethora of information!

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the intricacies of Numismatics, and help you fall in love with the practice of collecting rare and valuable coins! To learn more about Numismatics, and coins for your collection; call 877-795-9585 today to get your free personalized investment advice from our coin experts!