Picking A Theme for Your Collection or Investment

The first step to getting started building your Numismatic coin collection is picking your niche, or an aspect of coins you want to adhere to. There are many categories and features of Numismatic coins that you can choose to make the theme of a part of your collection or investment; and we’ve highlighted them right here for you.

Global Monetary Reserve is committed to providing exceptional service and education to our clients, as well as an unbeatable selection of Rare Numismatic coins. Numismatic coin collecting isn’t for everyone, to see a return on your investment it can often take years before you see a significant change in the value of your coin; but for those willing to wait, or for those with an exceptional love for history or coin collecting, Numismatics can be a fulfilling hobby and lucrative long-term investment.

Here we highlight certain features in Numismatics that you may want to make the central theme of your collection, or a part of your collection.


  • Picking Your Niche: Like a good book, coins hold more information than just what is suggested by their ‘cover.’
    • Outer Beauty:
      • Precious Metal: Coins comprised of Silver, Nickel and most especially Gold are highly valued in the Numismatic community. While some coin scan be priced based on just their bullion value, most Numismatics coins in good condition hold unbelievable value beyond their Precious Metal content. Silver is a great way to get started with a collection as its cost effective, and some classic designs are featured on Silver coinage. Gold coins are highly valuable, for obvious reasons, but some like the 1933 Double Eagle are extremely rare due to the Gold seizure that year; mandated by President Roosevelt.
      • Mint Mark: Located on most coinage are the mint marks demarcating the location where the coin was struck. Several Mints are no longer open, and depending on the number of coins minted during a certain period—coins can be exceedingly valuable. One such Mint that no longer is open is the New Orleans Mint, which closed in 1909 and produced over 427 million gold and silver coins.
      • Date: Some Numismatic coin collectors choose to collect coins from a certain date, or period. This can add a lot of variety to a certain collection, as many denominations of coins have been minted throughout history, comprised of different designs, and metal content.
      • Designer: Perhaps one of the most famous designers of U.S. coinage, if not the most sought after, is Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who designed the Eagle and Double Eagle liberties featured on coinage from 1907 until 1933. His design for the Double Eagle was so beloved, that it is now featured on the modern Gold American Eagle coinage, which comes in a variety of denominations; the smallest being 1/10th of an ounce of 22 karat gold
        • Inner Beauty:
          • History: Many collector’s find the history associated with a certain coin, or series of coinage enough to start their collection off on a good foot. Coins from the Civil War era, for example, are prized amongst collector’s; not only for their rarity, but for their historical significance. An easily affordable historical significant piece for those looking to start off could be Silver coinage from a favorite President’s term.
          • Series or Sets:  Sometimes Numismatics coin grading services, such as PCGS and NGC, the most reputable of grading companies, come out with graded coins that are designated as part of set or series. For example the 2001 Silver Buffalo 2 coin set, which includes a Proof, and Uncirculated version of the coin are specially designated by PCGS by having the James Earle Fraser custom label. In perfect 70 condition the set value is $850; but for 69 condition the coins are valued at $395. It’s all about rarity.
          • Special Meaning: Familial preferences can have a huge impact on what aspect of coinage you choose to collect. Perhaps Buffalo Nickels are a favorite? Collecting graded version of the coin adds value to a beloved feature in your own personal history.

Whatever aspect of coinage you choose to begin collecting, Numismatics is a wonderful hobby; and can be a lucrative investment. If you’d like to learn more about collecting, and investing in Numismatics coins contact Global Monetary Reserve at 877-7959585 today to get your free personalized consultation with our expert staff. Stay tuned for further installment of Numismatic tips!