PCGS Burnished Coin Label Changes from MS to SP – GMR Has Everything You Need to Know

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) recently announced a change to the designation placed on Burnished Silver American Eagles; and for those outside of the loop the change can come as a bit of a surprise.

Burnished coins have a matte finish, as opposed to the satiny finish featured on a regular Bullion strike coin; and technically Burnished coins are considered Uncirculated, but their special appearance sets them apart from regular strikes. They’re the perfect in between from Regular strike and Proof coinage.


In 2006, for the 20th Anniversary of the American Eagle coin program the U.S. Mint released a three coin set: included were the standard Proof Silver Eagle, a special Reverse Proof Silver Eagle (which features the mirror like finish contrasting with the frosted background), and a Burnished Uncirculated Eagle struck at the West Point Mint (features the “W” mint mark). Coins graded by PCGS receive the designation of MS and W-Mint, as seen below in the left image.


Today the Burnished coins released from 2006 to 2008, and after a brief hiatus, from 2011 to present receive the designation of SP (Specimen), as shown above in the right image. While the change does make it easier to distinguish between Silver Eagles that are regular strike, and Burnished; the change in designation doesn’t do much in terms of value.

What That Means For You

PCGS Link to site for label change from MS to SP

PCGS is offering the chance to submit your Burnished coins for the new SP designation for Silver, Gold and Platinum Uncirculated Eagle Sets bearing the “W” Mint Mark. Click the image above to be redirected to the PCGS article acknowledging the change.

If you’d like to own a piece of Numismatic history for yourself; Global Monetary Reserve is selling a 2015 Silver Eagle Set which includes an SP designated Eagle! Eagles in MS/SP/PF70 condition are priced at $250 for the set, and the MS/SP/PF69 set is priced at $165! Call 877-795-9585 today for this special offer!