A Unique First Lady: Anna Harrison Occupies a Unique Place in First Spouse Gold Coin Series

Occupying a very unique place in the First Spouse Gold Coin series: Anna Harrison was not only a truly exceptional woman for her generation, but is also one of only two First Ladies to have the  First Lady title for only a year (the other being Lucretia Garfield). Born during the time where America was fighting for its Independence, she was whisked across enemy lines so that her widower father could fight, and she could grow in peace with her maternal grandparents. After to receiving an extraordinarily broad formal education, for a woman of the time, she was sent to live with her father and stepmother.

At the age of 19 a young Anna Harrison, visiting her family in Kentucky met a Lieutenant William Henry Harrison, who was in town on military business. Against her father’s wishes, she was courted, and then married the young military man. After rising to fame as a Indian fighter and hero of the War of 1812, Harrison began his career in civil service, until in 1840 he was Elected by the Whig party for the Presidential campaign.

He won, but later succumbed to what his doctor believed was pneumonia, but what medical professional today believe was enteric fever caused by bacteria from the non-existent sewage system (White House water was collected downstream from where waste was disposed). He spend exactly one month in office—recovering at home from her bout with illness Anna never set foot in Washington. As shown on the Anna Harrison First Spouse Gold Coin, President Harrison scant time in office, the shortest in U.S. History, is showcased underneath the matronly portrait of the First Lady. The first formally educated First Lady, the first to never set foot in the White House without being dead during her husband’s Presidency, and the first to be a grandmother of a future President, Benjamin Harrison: Anna Harrison is a one of kind first lady—making the Anna Harrison First Spouse Gold Coin, a one of a kind collector’s item.