An In Depth Look At The Minting Process: The Chris Kyle Series

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is such a new and exciting process for the GMR team, that we’re submerging ourselves into every aspect of the minting process, and we’re you along for the ride too!

 Jose De La Riva, an experienced minter at Great American Mint, was our expert on learning everything there is to know about making the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation commemorative coins and bars.

Silver to Start

“The minting process starts as soon as silver enters the building. That silver then get taken to our high temperature furnaces where it get casted into cylindrical ingots.”  say De La Riva, temperatures higher than 1760℉!

Shown above, a Great American Mint worker is seen pouring molten silver into ingot molds.

A Silver ingot can be seen exiting the furnace where it has undergone a heat treatment to harden the metal and help it withstand the tremendous pressure it will undergo.

Once the ingots emerge from their high temperature treatment they are then subjected to a high pressure extrusions press where the ingots become one long strip of silver. To achieve the desired thickness for the 1 ounce silver rounds, the strips undergo several rounds through the press.

After the silver strip has been inspected and is shown to have the right thickness for a 1 ounce silver round, it is then run through a blanking process where the right diameter is achieved. Newly made silver round blanks have a rough edge; because of that, the rounds are run through a small roller that will give them a nice smooth rim.

Smoothed silver blanks are then inspected for weight: nothing is wasted at Great American Mint, and those deemed under or overweight are sent back to the beginning to be remelted.

On their journey to become the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Commemorative Coin, the silver blanks are heated to soften them, making it easier to mint the desired image on the coin. A polishing and burnishing follow the heat treatment, and the blanks are sent through a final round of quality control inspections before they are sent to the coiner!

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