An Affordable Way To Invest In Your Favorite Designs

Often times, for the regular coin collector, iconic numismatic designs can be out of reach; whether because the budget just can’t handle the thousands of dollar these coins demand, or because the design is just that scarce.
1 ounce copper round Canadian Maple Leaf design

Thanks to private minting, owning your favorite piece of numismatic history has never been easier! The Osborne Mint holds the distinction of being the oldest private mint in the U.S., and was established in 1835 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today the Osborne Mint specializes in Copper Rounds, and has a multitude of designs both unique, and from famous coins in history.

Copper Rounds are an exceptionally affordable way to invest in your favorite designs. Some of the favorites among the growing collection of copper products here at GMR are the Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda, and of course the Two-Coin Copper Medallion Set from our exclusive Chris Kyle Frog Foundation series. Typically minted on one-ounce of 22 or 24-karat gold planchets the Maple Leaf and Panda coin can be well over $1,000!

Available today on GMR, those same designs can be bought for a fraction of the gold bullion price! View the Copper Collection here at GMR!