Unique to the Series, the Alice Paul First Spouse Gold Coin Shows Potential as a Long-term Investment

All coins in the First Spouse Gold Coin series are unique in some aspect, but the Alice Paul First Spouse Gold Coin is truly a one of a kind coin in the program. Started in 2005 with the passing of the Presidential $1 Coin Act, which issued the release of the First Spouse Gold Coins, each coin represents a Presidency from the very first, to the last qualifying (the person featured on the coin has to have passed at least two years before the issuing of the coin). Alice Paul is not a First Spouse; instead she is what the writers of the law deemed symbolic of the concept of Liberty.

For those President’s who served without their First Spouses, or those that never married; their representative in the First Spouse series is “Liberty,” as she appeared during the coinage minted during their time in office. There are four Presidential Liberties, but for the 22nd coin in the series, representing the 21st Presidency of Chester Arthur, who was a widow; the concept of Liberty was more aptly applied, and Paul became a part of the historic First Spouse series. A leading figure in the fight for equality and the right to vote for women, Alice Paul was the epitome of civil service, and activism.

A portrait of Paul is featured on the Obverse, and looks beautiful rendered in one-half ounce of 24-karat (.9999) Fine Gold. Sales of the coin ended with a mintage of 3,502 for the Proof, and 2,486 for the Uncirculated versions; so the gold coin has value in not only it’s unique place in the series, but also in the low mintage. Low mintages often lead to higher demand once the program has ended, the rarer and more unique—the higher the value. Paul’s coin has intrinsic and historic value making it a wise investment for those looking to diversify their already existing portfolio.

A truly remarkable woman, Alice Paul’s visage and legacy are represented wonderfully in the 22nd coin in the First Spouse Gold Coin program. History shines through the coin, and not just due to its Gold content, and encompasses a chapter in America’s past that is often forgotten in the modern era. If you’d like to grab a piece of history while making an valuable investment in your future, contact Global Monetary Reserve Today at 877-795-9585, and see how our personal investment advisors can help you. Our E-commerce site is also available for easy at home browsing, and purchasing: to take a look just Click Here.