2016 30 Gram Chinese Gold Panda – An Shining Example of a Gold Coin with a Lustrous Future

When you hold up the 30 gram Chinese Gold Panda BU coin, you can see how the light plays beautifully on the planes and curves of the new panda design. The 30 gram Chinese Panda coin shines in a different way, too. It is a coin with a limited supply built into its production.

Appealing Design

The 30 gram Chinese Gold Panda coin has a design that has recently become one of the most beloved images among precious metals investors. This year’s designer has rendered an accurate portrayal of the giant panda as it climbs a fallen branch. A bamboo wall provides the background for the Panda, adding more detailing to catch the light.

BU Condition

The Brilliant Uncirculated condition of the 2016 30 gram Chinese Gold Panda coins offered by GMRgold is the ideal choice for investors. Keeping the coin in this BU condition is easy; all you have to do is store it properly, handle it with extreme care, and keep it in its original sealed packaging.

Limited Production

The Chinese government puts a limit on the number of Gold Panda coins it produces. No matter what the demand is for the coin, only 600,000 will be available on the global market. As investors buy up the Pandas, fewer are available. Yet, the demand is so great that the coins will almost certainly rise in value very quickly as the supply is exhausted.

GMRgold Experts

If the 2016 30 gram Chinese Gold Panda BU intrigues you, you can learn more from the GMRgold precious metals experts by calling (877) 795-9585. We can discuss your interest in the Gold Panda and help you discover even more examples of limited production precious metals products.