2015 1 Oz. Gold American Eagle – Why Buy the 1 Oz. Coin?

The 2015 1 Oz. Gold American Eagle is one of the gold bullion coins in a series that is minted each year. In more ways than one, it is a most solid investment. When you are ready to begin investing in Gold American Eagles, you have to decide what weight of coin to purchase. There are advantages to both the ¼ ounce and the 1 ounce coins. The main thing to understand is what you want to gain from owning the coin.


Since more people can afford the smaller ¼ ounce AGE, they are more liquid than the 1 ounce American Gold Eagle. That being said, gold of any weight is the most liquid asset you can have in certain circumstances. During bank, stock market or government crises, other forms of money may not be accessible for some time. Yet, gold is always there. You can hold it in your hand, and you can easily transfer ownership to someone else for the right price.

Protecting Your Assets

Stock markets crash. Inflation rises. Governments change the rules of investing. So, what can you do to protect your assets? Gold has always been the ideal choice. The reason is that, no matter what is happening in the world, people never lose confidence in the value of gold.

If you are buying gold to keep your assets safe, the 1 Oz. Gold American Eagle is a better choice than the ¼ ounce American Gold Eagle. The reason is that if you are protecting a large amount of assets, it is much more convenient to store fewer large coins than many small ones. The premium on a 1 Oz. gold coin is lower than on a ¼ ounce gold coin, so you get more gold for the money. Also, you do not need the assets to be extremely liquid, because after all, the point is to set that investment aside, at least until the stock market, bank or government recovers.

With GMRgold, you can choose the gold bullion coins or bars that work best in your individual situation or in a worldwide financial crisis. The 2015 1 Oz. Gold American Eagle is a lasting investment for serious investors who want to keep their assets safe.