150 Years Since Her Husband’s Assassination, Mary Todd Lincoln Still Looks the Picture of Strength on Her First Spouse Gold Coin

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Lincoln while he and his wife attended the play Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theater on April 14, 1865. While the Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coin was released in 2010, the image of the proud, sociable First Lady still stands as a testament to all she had to endure while First Lady, and ultimately a widow.

Seen on the Obverse of the Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coin is the First Lady as she appears during happier times, when she would host White House Balls to boost morale, and ease her husband’s nerves during America’s most trying years. Her telltale flower cornet is beautifully detailed by U.S. Mint artist Phebe Hemphill, who designed and sculpted the image. On the Reverse Mary Lincoln is seen bringing flower and books to the wounded soldiers in an effort to boost their hopes, and comfort them during difficult times. She even undertook writing to their family’s on behalf of the wounded.

Her legacy lives on, and in a fitting tribute to Lady Lincoln, the Ford’s Theater will be playing the specifically commission production: ‘The Widow Lincoln,’ which will chronicle her time after her husband’s death. The production is set to run from January 23rd through February 22nd. Of the play: “Mary Lincoln is both magnetic and appalling, both tragic and triumphant.” –Playwright James Still

While fate dealt her a bitter hand, Mary Todd Lincoln is still a resilient figure during the years that saw brother fight brother. The Mary Todd Lincoln First Spouse Gold Coin is a remarkable find for any avid collector, or investor. With historic and intrinsic value, this coin would be a fantastic addition to a collection, or investment portfolio. If you’d like to learn more about how you can make this beautiful coin a part of your collection, give the experts at Global Monetary Reserve a call at 877-795-9585 today! Or if you want to take a look at our fantastic inventory—Click Here.