1 Oz Silver Round Sunshine Mint Morgan Design .999 Fine – Why this Morgan Round Makes Sense for Investors

Choosing a 1 oz. silver round from the Sunshine Mint in the Morgan design is an exceptional way to build your silver holdings. Collectors typically prefer coins with numismatic features, but silver rounds have their own unique benefits for anyone buying silver.

Fine Silver

The 1 oz. silver rounds Sunshine Mint Morgan design are .999 Fine Silver. That means that you are getting pure silver, which can add considerable and enduring value to your silver collection.

Attractive Design

Whether you are an investor or a hobbyist, the Morgan dollar design is one you can appreciate. The image on the obverse is the portrait of Anna Williams, who the coin’s designer, George T. Morgan believed had the most perfect physical features of any woman alive. On the reverse, you can find the Sunshine Mint logo placed in front of an American Bald Eagle.

Sunshine Mint Reputation

Sunshine Mint has built a reputation for producing high quality silver coins and bars with the exact weight and purity as it is stamped on the coin. Their products have proven  to hold their value, and their technology has advanced rapidly in recent years.

GMRgold Advantage

GMRgold gives you prompt, courteous attention, both from their customer support and their precious metals experts. Committed to honesty and fairness, GMRgold adheres to its own strict moral code. You can learn more about investing in Sunshine Mint 1 oz. silver rounds right now, by calling (877) 795-9585 to speak to our experts.