1 Oz Silver Bar Sunshine Mint .999 Fine – How to Fit Silver Bars into Your Investment Budget

New investors are often reluctant to make the leap from investing in coins only to adding bars such as the 1 oz. silver bar from Sunshine Mint. It is a .999 Fine Silver bar, and in its 1 oz. weight, it is no more difficult to invest in bars than coins. In fact, you get more silver for your money with bars, because of the amazingly low premiums over spot silver prices.

Purchase the Number of Silver Bars that Are Right for Your Budget

Many of our customers who are just beginning to purchase silver bars choose the 1 oz. weight. Then, when their family budget fluctuates, they can increase or decrease the number of silver bars they purchase in each shipment.

Using Your Entire Investment Budget

When you are managing a budget for your family, it is always a  good goal to use only what you need for that month, regardless of what you have budgeted. However, an investment budget is different. It’s entire purpose is to allow you to set aside as many assets for future stability and increases over time. If you have already chosen silver and/or gold coins but still have some funds left to play with, why not use the rest of your budget to purchase Sunshine Mint’s 1 oz. 99.9% Fine Silver bars?

Plan Your Investments with GMRgold

Investment planning involves having the right details about the options and their viability for long-term and short-term investing. Our precious metals experts at GMRgold are only a phone call away any time you are ready to learn more about investing in silver bars. Contact them at (877) 795-9585.