1 Oz. Gold Bar Valcambi .9999 Fine in Assay – Minted Gold Bars vs. Cast Gold Bars

The 1 oz. Gold Bar in Assay from Valcambi is a beautiful .9999 fine gold minted bar. While this bar is minted, Valcambi and virtually all gold refineries make cast bars as a part of their line. If you have never owned a gold bar yet, now is the best time to learn the pros and cons of minted and cast gold bars.


Minted bars such as the 1 oz. gold bar Valcambi .9999 fine in Assay have more precise detailing than their cast counterparts. Minting the bars allows the beautiful Valcambi logo to be rendered more accurately than casting them ever can. The letters of the name “Valcambi Suisse” stand out crisply against the plain background of the bar.


A minted bar tends to be more valuable than a cast bar. Minted bars are very popular among gold investors. When you are ready to make a profit from your investment, the minted bar is easier to sell, partly due to its appearance, partly to its sealed packaging and partly due to the easy-to-read unique serial number on each minted 1 oz. Valcambi gold bar.


Cast bars have more unique characteristics due to the way they are produced. They tend to have rough edges and minor imperfections. This can be a good thing if you want to be able to easily identify your gold bar. However, the absolute perfection of a minted 1 oz. Gold bar from Valcambi is considered a positive by most gold buyers. The Assay card assures you of its purity and weight, and the unique serial number on the bar itself allows you  to identify it as yours.

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