1 Oz Gold Bar Credit Suisse – What Does the Assayer Say?

The Credit Suisse 1 oz. gold bar comes complete in secure packaging with its own unique assay card. It is a simple but elegant gold bar that bears the Credit Suisse name on the top of its front and in a repeating diagonal pattern on the back. It is 1 troy ounce of .9999 pure gold. Since this bar’s primary appeal is as gold bullion rather than a collector’s item, what more can an assayer tell you that you don’t already know when you place your order?

Testing for Metal Content

Swiss inspectors examine and test each gold bar from Credit Suisse to ensure that the fineness listed on the face of the bar is an accurate description of the true content of the gold bar. Once the assayer notes the content, it is recorded on the assay card with his or her signature. In the case of this one-ounce gold bar, the fineness figure should be Au 999.9.

Verifying Weight

The weight of the bar is extremely important. When you get ready  to turn a profit on your 1 oz. Credit Suisse gold bar, your buyer wants to know they are getting a full one ounce of gold. So, the assayer’s verification that the gold bar weighs precisely one ounce is important information for you and your buyer.


When you choose a 1 oz. gold bar made by Credit Suisse, you get more than a listing of the content and weight. You also get the  bona fide signature of a real Swiss assayer who has put his reputation behind the accuracy of his or her measurements.

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