1 Oz Gold American Eagle Common Date – Perfect for Investors and Collectors Alike

The 1 Oz. Gold American Eagle Common Date provides benefits for anyone who wants to own gold coins. Many bullion coins are mainly suited for investment, while others are more popular with collectors. The Gold American Eagle, however, serves both purposes beautifully.

For Investors

The American Eagle gold coin provides all an investor could want from a 1 Oz. bullion coin. It is a stable investment that also has high liquidity due to its popularity. It is a valuable coin, partly because it is a 22-karat gold coin that retains its value no matter what is happening on the stock market. It offers a great way to protect assets, whether you need to do so for personal reasons or because of world financial crises. As a common date bullion coin, it is easy to trade yet sufficiently limited in supply to make it an attractive coin for collectors.

For Collectors

For those who collect coins for their numismatic value alone, the 1 Oz. Gold American Eagle coin’s obverse displays the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle design, but with added stars. This is a beautiful design that has been popular since it was first created. With Lady Liberty standing in front of the capital holding her famous torch, the design captures the imaginations of collectors everywhere, as does the image of the mother eagle carrying an olive branch towards her nest.

For Investor/Collectors

Those whose collections are also sources of financial security, the American Gold Eagle 1 Oz. coin is the perfect combination of intrinsic and numismatic value.

Purchasing this coin from GMRgold ensures that you will have the gold-buying experience every investor and collector wants. With special attention to your needs, GMRgold works to satisfy any interested in buying gold bullion coins. If you’d like to learn more about this fantastic product contact a GMRgold precious metals investment expert at 1 (877) 795-9585 today.