1 Oz. Gold American Buffalo – A Beloved American Image

The 1 Oz. Gold American Buffalo coin bears images that are among the most recognized and revered by Americans. The American Buffalo design if often the first coin image young collectors see, usually on an Indian Head Buffalo Nickel. It calls to mind both happy childhood memories and the history of the American people. Several factors make the 1 Oz. American Buffalo gold coin unique and valuable.

First in Its Category

The Gold American Buffalo is the first 24-karat gold bullion coin ever produced by the U.S. Mint and restores one of the most iconic designs minted by the U.S.: the Buffalo Nickel design first minted in 1913. 

Balanced Limits

The American Gold Buffalo coins are limited to 1 Oz. weight unless you purchase the 2008 four-coin set that includes other weights. As a common date coin, this 1 Oz. coin is in good, but not unlimited supply.

The Chief

Fraser created the image for the obverse of the Gold American Buffalo bullion coin. It is a regal Native American originally based on actual chiefs of the Sioux, Kiowa and Cheyenne tribes. The final model is unknown, but his image is quite distinctive. With closed eyes, he projects an meditative and reverent image.

The Buffalo

The majestic American buffalo graces the reverse side of the coin. Once a dying breed with only two dozen in existence, the American buffalo found a home in Yellowstone’s Pelican Valley. Now, the herd of about 4,000 buffalo is the only one that can be traced back to the millions of buffalo of days gone by. The American Buffalo gold coin in its 1 Oz. size honors this noble species.

If you, like most Americans, find yourself drawn to these enduring images, you can own them at a reasonable cost. GMRgold offers the 1 Oz. Gold American Buffalo and assures your satisfaction with this outstanding piece of history.