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2009-W 1/2 oz Gold First Spouse Coin PR69 DCAM PCGS - Letitia Tyler

2009 W First Spouse Letitia Tyler Half Ounce Gold Coin PR69 DCAM PCGS
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  • Title: 2009-W 1/2 oz Gold First Spouse Coin PR69 DCAM PCGS - Letitia Tyler
  • Purity: 0.5000 troy oz (15.554g) (min)
  • Metal: Gold
  • Weight: .9999 Fine Gold

Full Description

This Gold First Spouse Coin was released on July 2, 2009, and was the 10th Commemorative Coin, released in the 3rd year of the series. It is struck from ? ounce of .9999 24-karat gold. The obverse is her regal portrait, designed and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The reverse depicts Mrs. Tyler and her two oldest children behind their Cedar Grove Plantation, and was designed by Susan Gamble and Sculpted by Norm Nemeth.
Letitia was the first wife of President John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States. She served as First Lady from 1841 to 1842, during the 14th Presidential Term.
Born into a prosperous plantation family, Letitia would not receive an extensive formal education, but be taught extensively how to run a household and raise a family. Her training served her well as a wife of a politician. She and John had several children, 7 reaching maturity, and she was content to stay home and raise the family while he pursued his chosen career in politics. She only joined him once in all those years for the winter social season.
In 1839 Letitia had a paralytic stroke that left her an invalid. Confined to a wheelchair, she didn't let her disability keep her from directing the household affairs. Tyler was nominated to and won the Vice Presidency under William Henry Harrison in 1841, and his plan was to work from his home in Virginia to be close to Letitia. Harrison died one month after taking office, changing thisplan very quickly. John moved to the White House, and Letitia joined him there. She was able to manage the White House from the second floor of the mansion, and was only notably seen downstairs for her daughter Elizabeth's wedding in 1842. Her daughter-in-law Priscilla would fill in as hostess as needed and she was happy to do this for her mother-in-law whom she was devoted to. At the time it was assumed that Letitia had little movement beyond the upstairs at the White House, but later writings indicate that while she did come and go as she needed to, she had just capably managed to evade the public eye. She entertained friends and their growing family from her rooms upstairs, as well as directed that many charitable contributions be given from her own private but limited wealth. Her interest was in the very poor living in the Washington, DC area, although it is not known exactly which charities she was affiliated with.
In September of 1842 Letitia had a second stroke and died peacefully at the age of 51, making her the first First Lady to die in office. Although he had promised his children just two weeks prior to the wedding he would never remarry, President Tyler did in fact remarry, Miss Julia Gardiner, in June of 1844.


Gold Content:
1/2 Troy oz

Face Value:

.9999 Fine Gold

0.5000 troy oz (15.554g) (min)

1.043 inches (26.49mm)

0.074 inches (1.88mm)

Mintage BU:

Mintage PRF:

?PCGS Poplulation 507

Full Description


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